Working With Developers

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We believe in cultivating long-term relationships based on mutual success. Our contract division understands the unique needs of the real estate development community.

You already know that providing furnished living spaces is here to stay – that’s why you’re reading this.

And providing furnished rentals and condos presents certain financing, design and logistical challenges. We can be of assistance during all phases of the project, offering our expertise to overcome these challenges. Whether it is working through details in the design phase, finding unique financing solutions for the furniture expenditure or providing warehousing, delivery and expert installation our contract team is available and ready to assist.

Our furniture carries a 7 year warranty in contract applications (and will last years longer) providing developers with an asset that will generate cash flow and ROI over the long-term.

All of our furniture is manufactured in Europe, using sustainable materials and techniques and is CARB 2 compliant. The safest and most stringent and eco-friendly standards are used in the manufacturing of our wall beds, composed of a minimum of 90% recyclable particle board, wood, glass, iron and aluminum.  New chipboard panels are made of renewable, controlled, tree-farmed wood and rated E1 or better, featuring the highest quality of raw materials to allow a 35% reduction of scraps while reducing consumption of energy. All lacquers are water-based, solvent free and non-toxic as they do not contain formaldehyde. Integrated LED lighting enables approximately 80% energy savings compared to incandescent bulbs and 70% compared to halogen bulbs. Ultra-high-tech panel manufacturing: sealed routing and edge-binding with sawdust recapture and gas by product capture and recycling. The furniture is all shipped flat-packed, so although most of it is shipped from Europe, a very small cubic dimension is actually required.

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Smaller, efficiently-designed units command more revenue per square foot than traditional layouts – if a single space can perform multiple functions, a unit can be smaller and cost less to build and operate.

In the recent report, The Macro View on Micro-Units from The Urban Land Institute found that in general, smaller units enjoy higher overall occupancy rates, and that units of less than 600 square feet were the top occupancy performers across the country. Additionally, this report found that smaller units also achieve the most significant rent premiums per square foot over larger, more traditional floor plans.

With Resource Furniture, smaller units can feel and function like units twice the size, allowing you to increase density and maximize yield while providing all the function, comfort and style that exceed your tenants’ expectations.

It’s never too early to start the conversation and the sooner the better. Collaborating early in the residential development process – during the design phase – allows for more opportunity to maximize resources, functionality and efficiency. We encourage you to visit one of our showrooms and see the quality of our products for yourself. Email our Co-Founder Steve Spett.