Our Services

The Resource Furniture Contract Division has a proven track record of partnerships that result in increased ROI, above-average sell- or rent-throughs, projects that make national news headlines and, most importantly, an increased livability quotient for occupants. With over 17 years of experience collaborating with architects, builders, developers, and end-users, we bring a unique and unparalleled perspective to every project, from multi-unit dwellings to single-family homes.

As the largest distributor of multifunctional solutions in North America, no one has their finger on the pulse of designing efficient spaces more than we do. Our transforming furniture adds measurable value to every space – if a single space can perform multiple functions, the unit can be smaller and cost less to build and operate. Developers can retain a full range of functionality and maintain a high level of aesthetics by building smaller, efficiently-designed units that frequently command more revenue per square foot than traditional layouts.

Resource Furniture’s Contract Division knows your market. We know what works and what doesn’t. Let us show you how you can stand out in the crowd and increase the marketability of your project while maximizing your ROI. If you would like to learn more about our services call Co-Founder Steve Spett at 212-753-2039 or email contract@contract.resourcefurniture.com.