Aria Development Group and joint venture partner AQARAT teamed up with Resource Furniture to furnish the micro condos and hotel-style “cabins” at the new YotelPad Miami project, slated to open in 2021. 

YotelPad Miami Brings Flexible Rentals to South Florida

Miami is known for its shiny, high-rise condos with spacious floor plans and sprawling terraces. But Aria Development Group’s founding partner, David Arditi, says that Southern Florida — a market largely dependant on non-locals who stay for only a portion of the year — is ripe for a new product type: furnished micro-condos. Having experienced great success with this housing typology in markets like New York and Washington, D.C., Arditi is embracing the trend towards smaller, more affordable furnished units combined with creative leasing options, prime location, and an impressive menu of amenities. Arditi’s latest venture, YotelPad Miami, will combine the best of these features with a host of cutting-edge, transforming furniture provided by Resource.

In early 2015, Aria and Kuwaiti real estate investor AQARAT began working on plans for the 31-story development in downtown Miami. Shortly afterward, Aria and AQARAT announced their partnership with Resource Furniture. As the global leader in multi-functional design,  Resource will outfit the PADs (condos) with select transforming wall beds, tables, and seating pieces from its collection. These pieces were carefully selected to offer small-footprint, convertible furniture options that can seamlessly transform the units’ living spaces from day to night. Resource Furniture’s partnership with YOTELPAD Miami marks its first large-scale residential project in Miami.

“Resource Furniture’s Contract Division has set the industry standard for the on-the-go lifestyles of today’s urban dwellers, space-savers, and efficiency-seekers,” said Steve Spett, Resource Furniture co-founder and director, Contract Division. “Similarly, YOTELPAD is breaking new ground in the hospitality and residential sectors with its commitment to space efficiency and technological innovation – which converges perfectly with our mission and vision. We’ve experienced great success with YOTELPAD’s Park City development, and we’re excited to bring our transformative furniture to the brand’s Miami location.”

Depending on the floor plan, residences will feature a combination of the Tango Sofa, a three-to-four-seat Italian-made sofa which opens to reveal a queen-sized Murphy bed; Kali Duo Board bunk Murphy bed system with an integrated writing desk; the Dynamic height-adjusting, coffee-to-dining table; the Celsius Round extendable dining table paired with Flow stackable dining chairs; the Thin queen or king-sized storage bed for the master bedroom; a Home Office foldaway workspace; a Falda transforming console-to-dining table; and the Nora lounge chair.

“After seeing Resource Furniture’s success at YOTELPAD Park City, it was a natural fit for them to furnish YOTELPAD Miami,” said David Arditi, principal of Aria Development Group. “We are confident that Resource Furniture will amplify the functionality of these residences and are excited to see the final product.”

Centered on offering efficiently designed living solutions by optimizing space and technology at an attainable price-point, YOTELPAD Miami features floorplans ranging from 417-square-foot studios to 708-square-foot two-bedrooms, with integrated living, kitchen, and dining areas.

Since its launch in June 2018 with OneWorld Properties, YOTELPAD Miami has broken sales records, completely selling out within 15 months. The mixed-use project will contain 231 PADs (condo units) and 222 cabins (hotel suites). The development is slated for completion in 2021. For more information about YOTELPAD Miami, visit