Resource Furniture partnered with the new hospitality brand BentoLiving to bring contemporary, transformative, and space-efficient design to Nashville.

BentoBox LLC and Resource Furniture Celebrate Small Footprint Living

Bringing a new hospitality brand to market in February 2020 — just before the pandemic arrived — has been challenging, but BentoLiving Chestnut Hill in Nashville was built for success. According to developer Justin Koziol, Co-Owner of BentoBox LLC, COVID has magnified trends that were already anticipated, such as a growing preference for smaller cities. Even before the pandemic, travelers were craving a different kind of hospitality experience — and that is exactly what BentoLiving is delivering.

“We launched the BentoLiving brand because we saw a huge shift in how people were choosing to live their lives. They are moving away from owning a lot of possessions and accumulating too much stuff to more of an experiential lifestyle that values flexibility over almost everything else,” said Koziol.

BentoLiving Chestnut Hill, reflecting the industrial maker/creative vibe of the neighborhood, offers flexible booking options and apartment-style units aimed at people looking to rent space from a week to a few months at a time, allowing guests to interact with the neighborhood at their own pace. As per the brand’s philosophy of “less stuff, more fun,” the units at BentoLiving Chestnut Hill tout a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic and compact, well thought out floor plans – with smaller units starting at 300 square feet and larger ones up to 550 square feet. To provide a modern, comfortable guest experience within such small footprints, the living spaces at BentoLiving needed to be intelligently designed to maximize every square foot. Enter Resource Furniture, the North American leader in transforming and space-efficient design.

The space-planning and design team at Resource worked with BentoLiving to determine which transforming pieces would work best within the hotel’s design concept, settling on the Penelope Sofa wall bed and pivoting TV mount systems for 67 of the 89 Chestnut Hill guest rooms. By day, the Penelope Sofa features a comfortable loveseat, upholstered in jewel-toned fabrics to complement the units’ subdued palette. By night, the Penelope Sofa transforms into a queen-size bed with an integrated headboard and state-of-the-art mattress.

The result has been happy guests and repeat business for BentoLiving Chestnut Hill. “You essentially get both a bedroom and a living room for the price of one,” said Koziol. “The sofa wall bed has been working really well for us. It has gotten great reviews. The sofa wall bed is a great tool in our toolkit. The brand is all about smaller footprints, and it fits very well with the ‘less is more’ narrative.”

Koziol, who has a master’s degree in architecture from Pratt, describes BentoLiving as a design-led organization, and the success of the small-footprint units are in no small part due to the implementation of the unique modular casework system from BentoLiving’s sister business, BentoBuild.This flexible, holistic system maximizes space by utilizing every square inch and expanding function vertically with media walls, entertainment centers, storage, kitchens and — with the expertise of Resource Furniture — a seamless integration of Resource sofa wall beds into the proprietary BentoBuild system.

“We are thrilled to partner with BentoLiving to bring this exciting new hospitality concept to market,” says Steve Spett, co-founder of Resource Furniture and head of the company’s dedicated Contract Division. “BentoLiving Chestnut Hill demonstrates what’s possible when square footage is maximized through transforming and multi-functional furniture, both in terms of the guest experience and return on investment.”

Working with Resource Furniture can provide developers with a competitive edge even in the most challenging economies. With the BentoLiving project, the decision to work with Resource has also helped the developer connect with their target markets –urban explorers, corporate housing seekers and short-term renters who want to experience new cities without the commitment of a lease.

Resource Furniture has worked with many of the world’s most successful developers on high-profile projects that can trace their return on investment back to the decision to “think outside the floorplan” and incorporate transforming furniture. When developers tap Resource for transformative furnishing solutions, they are backed by a multi-talented business partner dedicated to adding tremendous value to every project they help bring to market. While the Resource design team knows which products and layouts will create the most value, the logistics team ensures a seamless experience throughout the ordering, shipping, transportation and installation process, seamlessly handling complex installations of any size or scale.

“End-to-end logistical support is our top priority in our partnership with BentoLiving,” says Spett. “Resource Furniture Contract worked directly with BentoLiving every step of the way to ensure this project’s success, from design and space-planning to shipping, delivery, installation, project management and ongoing support.”

BentoBox LLC plans to roll out additional BentoLiving properties in other up-and-coming neighborhoods that have personality plus access to citywide amenities. The exterior architectural design will shift from property to property depending on the local flavor, but the space saving interior design principles launched in Chestnut Hill with Resource Furniture’s expertise will be replicated in future projects.

Photos courtesy of BentoBox LLC